The Significance of Time

April 18, 2011
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Time is money, like the minimum wage you make on your first job.
Time is love, like the months is takes to get your love out of your head.
Time is success, like the late hours you spend shaping that essay to perfection.
Time is music, like the hours you spend of your life listening to music.
Time is anger, like the seconds it takes to set you off.
Time is pain, like the years it takes to heal.
Time is essential, without it there’s no time at all.
Time is limited, so make every second count.
Time is wasted, like the sunny days you spend inside being “Bored.”
Time is saved, like the seconds saved when you do things more efficiently.
Time is long when you wait those torturing minute for something so exciting.
Time is short when you’re having so much fun, it seems to “fly” away.
Time is work, money is rewarded.
Time is healing, so just wait it out and take it easy.
Time is happiness, enjoy it.
Time is needed, like you need water to survival.
Time is wanted, like that shiny new pick-up truck.
Time is awaited, like Christmas time.
Time is progress; things will come together in time.
Time is good, so don’t take advantage of it.
Time is life.
Time is what you live through.

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