Why I hate the World Sometimes

December 7, 2007
you're looking at me
i'm looking at you
there are so many differences.
i see that. i get it.
but there aren't so many
that it's impossible to be
friends. or at least not
enemies. but you can't
see that. you've let
the world blind you. stereotypes
have driven you into
your own little corner, and
where you are, if you
can't put someone in a box
and have that box be like
the one you've put yourself
into, then they aren't a person
anymore. stay away from me,
don't corrupt me too. i try
so hard not to care.
it doesn't work. sometimes
you have to care. sometimes
you have to take a look
and say 'maybe i'm wrong.'
but there is a degree
of not caring that is good.
and i don't have it.
life isn't easy to start
with. caring just makes it
step out of the box.
stop building you up
by putting me down.
because one day,
all the mes in the world,
the people who care too
much for their own good,
the people who don't want
a box to be put in,
the people who are ok with
being different
but not ok at the same time
because difference is put down,
all of us
are going to step up.
and what then?

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