Irrevocable Love

April 18, 2011
By Anonymous

Held my hand & made me walk
Took me in your arms and tought me how to talk
When I think how I'd be without you
I know I'd slip & never be able to get up too
After knowing you I know
That an ideal mother is just like you

I might not be perfect daughter
But you know how to make me alter
You were like the handkerchief to wipe my tears
Whenever I suffered from pressure by my peers
It seems you always read my mind
Like God you're always kind

It's like I'm the Earth & you're the Sun
With you every second of my life is fun
It's like you're my godmother
Who teaches me how to go further.

And out of all there's 1 thingI'm sure
Without you I wouldn't be so secure.

They say mother are forms of GOd
But in my case you're my GOd
Rather than talking to him,I talk to you
With you I've had my best memories too.
Last but not the least
I'll never forget your lovely feasts
Love you mother :):)

The author's comments:
This 1s right from the heart!!!!

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