Calling all Geeks

December 7, 2007
By Ben Singleton, Gallatin, TN

I have a warning to all high school students.

There is one certain group of people you should leave alone.

This group I speak of are called The Geeks.

They have many names: nerd, spaz, dork; but they are all the same.

The Geeks have virtually unlimited power, and, when provoked, can be extremely deadly.

They know techniques such as the Vulcan Death Grip and the Force Choke.

A rare few have the ability to turn into a giant green monster.

I write this article because I am a part of this group, and want people to get along.

I know what my prople are capable of, and I wouldn't wish anyone to witness their power.

So, next time you come in contact with one of us, be nice, or you will face the wrath of the Geeks.

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