A Kingdom in the Sky

December 7, 2007
Christmas, oh Christmas
How bright you are,
Your contagious spirit
Caught from near and from far.

Along with your spirit
Comes traditions old,
And presents from Santa,
At least I’m told.

With Christmas come trees
Of fur so thick,
Never losing its coat
When winter comes quick.

Soon the trees are
Chopped down and sold,
To be placed in homes
And ornaments they’ll hold.

Under these trees
Sit bright-colored things
Presents and gifts,
With the joy they bring!

Joy leads to hunger
And the family must feast
Upon foods so enriching
For the taste buds at least.

Into the car
There’s music I hear
Of Christmas fun
And Christmas cheer.

TV shows and
Christmas movies
Bringing great love
And mistletoe cooties.

All this warmth
For one special guy
Who loves us and protects us
From a kingdom in the sky.

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