April 17, 2011
By MagaliMnz BRONZE, Santa Fe, New Mexico
MagaliMnz BRONZE, Santa Fe, New Mexico
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How dumb could i be.? To be so blind not to see..
Knowing we weren't meant to be..
You and me were a never anding fight..
And when i need Her there, she was always out of sight..
But somehow you Both gave me a reason to cherish life..
The loss of You was like a stab with a knife..
Leaving me bleeding..
Although slowly healing..
Because She was there when no one else cared..
I spend days even nights reminiscing when i thought losing you was my biggest fear..
But it slowly fades as the next day i know She, not You will be near..
All the tears i cried..
And as a part of me died..
I now realize I was just to blind to see neither You, She or Me are not meant to be..

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