The Kind Brave Knight

April 17, 2011
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It was a dark silent night.
He rode his steed, a hand at his sword
His soul brightly burning
As he moved further on and on
Away from his home to a land full of pain
Where he would most likely die.

Though he wasn't afraid to die,
The kind and brave knight,
Who knew not of any fear or pain
For he had a magical sword
And his trusted horse who continued on
Through the embers that burned

Of the town that continued to softly burn.
For those lifeless bodies that had just died,
The knight could no longer help them so he moved on
Through the flame lit night.
So much sorrow he would fight with his sword
When time came to fight the pain.

People would no longer feel pain
It would be the demon who caused the flaming burns
With his trusted sword.
No more death once the dragon did die
At the hand of the faithful knight.
So, he moved once more on

Past those souls that had also moved on
From their living pain.
Finally, he reached the beast's den on that fateful night.
The world it lived in burned
With the sound of the living dead.
He readily held onto his sword

He then raised up that magical sword
Before he and his horse charged on.
The dragon let out a cry as he fell and died.
The sword had caused him little pain
Quickly extinguishing the life that once burned.
The task was done by the mighty knight.

The two went home, the horse and knight,
Continuing past the embers burning
Forgetting those memories which were painful.

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