The Walk

December 7, 2007
I'm wearing my skinny jeans.
My favorite shirt with a rip in it's right sleeve.
My six dollar sweatshirt.
My red ruby necklace that sparkles in the sunlight.
My hair in pig tails with butterfly clips.
The six rings I wear every day:
one from Claire's,
three from the Navy Exchange in Everett
one from Greece,
And the other one from...California.
My black Vans with pink hippos on them.
My iPod.
Walking to the beat of my music,
hands in my pockets,
I shut out the world as I turn my music up
full blast.
Playing with the chord of my headphones,
occasionally gnawing at them,
twirling my ring from...California.
Where I'm walking to?
I don't even know.
All I know is that I'm happy.
No problems.
No boundaries.
I'm free.
Just me
and my music.

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