Two Secret Conversations

April 21, 2011
By Anonymous

To achieve my success, I must break her heart
To watch him go, will be the end of all bliss
To break her heart, I must break my own
To achieve success, requires loneliness? Emptiness? Fear?

Separation is not the key to happiness
For us to have a future, we must part in the present
I love you, if I must let you go…
My head! My heart! I hate this battle
Tell me then, what does the future hold?
I have no words. I must go. Tears flood my eyes. I cannot drive
I let him go, I feel no strength. Yet I can scream.

I have never heard a silence so powerfully deafening

I have not the courage to call, to apologize
If I don’t say something, he never will
She misses me; the one who denied her words of faith and trust
I broke the silence; he encouraged the end of this horrid quiet
How could I have thought leaving was right?
I’m going. I will not deny my heart this wish.

The lights pull up. She’s here, I’m scared.
My tears begin to flow once more, I’m nervous. Excited. Confused.
She’s brave, my girl. I’m so glad she’s here.
There he is… what am I doing?

A warm embrace

My mind is changed forever
Elated. Bravery prevailed.
She was right. I should have followed my heart.
Now we truly understand each other


The author's comments:
this is a poem about two people making a decision to separate, and discovering that they should have listened to their hearts, instead of their minds.

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