Make a Stand

December 7, 2007
Crazy me to think
Ican't make a stand
Almost makes me want to laugh
Like I am light and on top of sand

I know I can though
I just don't know what to do
Seems like I am about to get on stage
And don't know my cue

Part of me want to do this
The other wants me to do that
What's the difference?
what good is that?

I could give money to the poor
Give clothes to the needy
Naw, that's not enough
There's alot of other stuff

I could stand in the crowd
Do nothing at all
Stand and watch
Watch my people fall!

That's not an option
Not for my world
My people int ain't!
I'll do it okay,
I'll make a stand today

Just ask yourself these questions
Can you make a stand?
Can you lend a hand?
A difference that's all it takes

I want to be "President"

That's going to be my stand
How 'bout you?

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