Your Agonizing Demise

December 7, 2007
By Krystal Bacharz, Bloomingdale, IL

Read my thoughts I know you can
You read me like a book
No more lies, no more lies
That irresistible look

The clothes you wear and the scent you have
Now show your true self
You are nothing but a memory
Just that dusty book on the shelf

I’ve helped you through your pain and sorrow
I am sick and tired of you, my heart is sore
Boy, you are nothing
I don't know who you are anymore.

Now this mark remains and will never ever go away
Sitting in this silenced hell
After tomorrow, things just won't ever be the same again
I am under your wicked spell

Locked in my vicious thoughts
I blend in with the walls so you can’t see my eyes
It comes down to this
Your agonizing demise

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