The Last Call

December 7, 2007
It’s summer time,
Vacation is around the bend,
Waiting for that last week to pass,
Making plans for the pets and plants.

Finally the day before,
We check our bags once more.
Don’t forget,
You may need a towel in case you get wet.

All packed and ready,
The car is here.
Vacation is near.
Hope the cruise ship is steady.

In the car,
We approach the ship,
Give the driver a tip,
And we are off for our trip.

We get on the boat,
The party begins,
The music is blasting,
I hope it is everlasting.

We head to the pool on a whim,
After that we hit the gym.
On top deck we feel the wind,
Our plans for excitement have yet to begin.

The next day,
The boat hits the shore,
Ready for more,
Time to explore.

We take a taxi to the beach,
A deep dark tan is within my reach,
I head into the water,
I can see right through it.

The pink sand is brilliant,
There is not a rock on the beach.
Natural beauty is under my feet.
I wish this moment could last forever.

Everyone is starting to leave.
It’s ok because we have time to spare.
No worries,
We will catch the ferry.

The beach is now empty,
We are the last to leave.
We get a cab back to the ferry,
But it has left without us.

We don’t panic,
Thinking that another will come.
We waste several minutes waiting,
But soon make haste.

It’s now five fifty,
The boat leaves at six.
We are late,
It will probably leave without us.

We call the boat,
We never get an answer.
Will the boat be there?
Or is there time to spare?

Someone noticed we were missing,
And the boat was held.
Once we arrived,
All we heard was booing and hissing.

The crew welcomed us aboard,
For we spent too much time on shore,
“Pull up the anchor!”
The captain roared.

Finally on the boat,
Laughing about our day,
How we held over 4,000 people at bay.
I think now its time to have fun for another day.

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