June 21, 2008
By Michael Ryan, Blackstone, MA

Finding out I was switching schools,
Tears running down my face.
Why do we have to move again,
I was just getting used to this place.

Daddy says this jobs important,
But that means nothing to me.
Forgetting about everyone else,
What’s the next excuse gunna’ be

From Chicago to New York, from Vegas to Orlando,
Changing schools is a common thing.
I often sit and say to myself,
I wonder what next week will bring.

Walking down the hall with kids all around,
I just can’t seem to fit in.
Getting all those new kid looks,
I just want class to begin.

State your name and where you’re from,
The teachers looking at me.
Stuttering, shaking, stressing, and sweating,
I’m homeless can’t you see.

Mommy says it’ll be ok,
Making new friends is good.
Sitting at lunch all by myself,
I really wish I could.

I finally get home the long day is over,
There’s a note on the table for me.
Pack your bags and gather your things,
Were off to Washington D.C.

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