The Truth: A Self Revelation

June 21, 2008
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Regretting that I’ve lost myself in time
Caught up in the world’s decietful lies
Despite my honest training and given tries
My past refuses to be buried in the sands of time

Life was not meant to be confusing
Yet so many times I have failed my only goal
Simplicity is no longer of me
Though I’d beg if it would return home

My body is aching from the work now
My mind has faded with the stress
My trust now lies in no one
For I have lost that as well on my ruthless trek

I’ve been selfish without knowing
I’ve been proud of my inhumanity
And my faith only makes me cry
But my shortlived tears are only vanity

If I could I’d start over from the beginning
If I could perhaps I’d runaway
But I’ve trapped my own self in this pit of fire
So in truth I’m burning my own flesh

Unwillingly you could say I’ve accepted it
In a way I already have
I cry when I think of changing myself again
But my mind and body would rather sleep it all away

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