Life 101

June 21, 2008
By Rebecca Tagora, Las Vegas, NV

Looked into the past,
back when I was a child.
Wanting to grow up fast,
mischievous, yet mild.

Simple things create a smile,
Maybe that was innocence's mind.
But slowly dreams start to pile,
as thoughts begin to bind.

Wanting this and that,
Ever it feels greed.
Never know how and what,
other things set forth to lead.

Doing things that never meant to,
later feels a great remorse.
To forgive and forget is hard to do,
especially those who are foes.

Now we come to a part
where we start to feel want,
Want that is in the heart,
want that makes it pant.

How foolish we seem to be,
when love shifts like maze.
It flavors us with glee,
but could ache one's heart in haze.

Searching the gentle path out,
to abandon the impression of hurt,
Often guides to vanity and doubt,
horrible as if dirt.

For a while it has been like that,
But the present is anew than before,
for those feelings still sat,
but is welcomed with open doors.

Emptiness was filled with wisdom;
Doubt exchanged with understanding.
Recite the smart to some,
To those who are merely trying.

Life has taught me for some time,
Will profit experiences for years.
But for now it's all I could dime,
For my life has not ended near.

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