The Melody

June 21, 2008
By Laurel Gardner, Hayden, ID

He struck the keys.
The chords flowing from his fingers.
The notes winding around her heart.
With every push of the pedal,
He pulled out more love.
Every transition,
She watched with awe.
The grace at his fingertips.
The motion was making her high.
She felt her heart leave her chest
And land on the page.
The music he played wound its way through her blood.
Every beat of her heart was with the music,
And she couldn’t help but feel the melody
pull in and out.
Winding her heart in knots and twisting her brain.
Her mind wandered into the music
And wanted to stay there.
He played those final notes
And the music faded.
But her heart stayed in the keys,
And the blood in her veins still had the melody coursing through them.
She looked into that face,
And his eyes met hers.
She couldn’t look away.
Every note he played was written by her heart.
And he didn’t miss a beat

He sits with one leg out, one crossed.
Looking down at the strings.
Even though he knows this song by heart.
She looks, and listens,
And feels every vibrating string
In the pulse of her blood.
The goose bumps won’t fade,
And she can’t turn away.
What had been a background hum,
Was now flowing through every cell in her body.
The chords stuck in her heart
And repeated in her head.
Every feeling was coursing through her body.
He picked out every emotion she didn’t want to show.
And composed them into this little melody.
The melody he was now playing.
His hand glides along the frets,
And she feels the chills go up and down her spine
It crescendos into the throbbing chords,
And her lungs have failed her now.
She can’t breath.
Can’t think.
All she can do is watch.
And listen.
As her heart flows from her chest,
And falls onto that same page.
Just to be played again.
Perfectly in tune.

That voice he’s using now.
The smooth notes,
The winding rhythm,
His voice was like velvet.
And with a sudden edge,
As if speaking directly to her heart,
He tells her everything she’s ever wanted to hear.
Without using a word.
The beat mesmerized her,
And her eyes closed.
Every swell, she could feel pulling on her heart.
She didn’t pay attention to the words,
Only the melody was her friend.
It broke through every border she’d put up,
And tore down walls,
Never before touched,
Or even seen
Every note was strengthening his grasp on her.
Until she gave up.
Surrendered herself to the music.
She was the unknown composer.
The unseen author of this melody.
That paper, so familiar to her heart,
Was it’s home once again.
And this time it couldn’t leave.
So when the song ended.
So did the course of her heart.

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