June 21, 2008
Life has become another tired trek through a humid, sticky jungle.
Dry, parched throat. Mud stained gear. Gross, unclean feeling.
A common goal is shared: a peak that doesn’t exist.
A common path is shared: loss of decency.
Who is he to stand up against this? He can’t.
They stab the very heart of decency by exhibiting ignorance.
Ignorance kills the kid.
His brother is weeping. He’s the only one who cares.

Come rain. Wash away the pain, betrayal, and fear.
At least try.

Life has become another horrific midnight dream scape.
Numb, surreal pain. Thrashing bed sheets. Cold, dripping sweat.
The dream is filled with horrors – greed, gluttony, lust, treachery.
But it is also filled with lesser evils – loss of friendship and respect.
Who is he to destroy this world? He can't.
He wants to break the surface, tear the bubble.
The bubble suffocates the kid.

Come dawn. Break the barrier with your refreshing touch.
At least try.

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