Private Property: A letter and poem to Olaudah Equiano

June 20, 2008
By Elizabeth Wolbrink, Allendale, MI

Clap your hands; you are truly free
from the barriers between you and me?
Is this what they say?
But this must be pretense sir, but perhaps not entirely.
You were released from the binds of slavery and bigotry.
And you were once a prince, but now your chief is the King of Kings.
May you rest well sir, for you fought your battle well.
But now society has a battle, in the middle of this never-ending war.
So, may we rise from the shadows of death,
take off the shackles of injustice,
and march towards the gates of liberation.
The time is now sir, we must seize the moment.
Let us rip down the veil of oppression,
free God’s people from being property,
and forgive those who trespassed against them.
We must stand and unite,
for we were all created equally.
So, let us now, join as one, to suck out the venom
that has poisoned us for too long now.
Let us not let one more slip into the hands of evil.
27 million is too much, as one is also. So now,
before the sand runs out,
let us reverse time.

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