June 20, 2008
By Catherine Speranzini, Duxbury, MA

Blood slowly trickles down her face,
her fear is shown,
it's right there, electrifying
She cries in pain.
He is walking away from that,
not looking back,
his eyes are closed, he can't see,
She cries in pain.
The choices that she made,
they effect her now,
her cries are in vain, but still
She cries in pain.
Her voice cuts through the air,
stinging him as he leaves,
her eyes are bloodshot, weary
She cries in pain.
He closes up and refusing to feel,
her pain was never his,
he blames codependency, he leaves,
He doesn't cry in pain.
She whips away the drying blood,
she hides her scars,
conceals the bruises, her broken heart,
She doesn't cry in pain.

A deepening loneliness is all that she can feel,
She shuts her mouth and pretends it isn't real.

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