Spill My Life

June 20, 2008
By Michaela Morris BRONZE, Chester, Connecticut
Michaela Morris BRONZE, Chester, Connecticut
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Pour my life into a glass.
So slick, hand carved.
The finest just for me.
Trimmed with gems,
Miss the glass,
Spill the mess.
Scattered and sudden,
Sticky, unmanageable.
What am I to do?
Unprepared for such a disaster.
The spill so shocking,
The glass slips from my grasp,
And shatters on my life.
Piercing it with many pains.
So many bits and pieces,
Causing my life,
So much pain.
So much misery.
I have nothing left.
Nothing to fix it.
So I turn my back,
Don’t look back,
And walk away.

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