Cause of You

April 19, 2011
By Kayla Prario BRONZE, Elizabeth, Colorado
Kayla Prario BRONZE, Elizabeth, Colorado
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I remember all the time we spent together,
Sunny days and stormy weather,
I will never forget about you.

Can still see all of the adventures,
Good laughs and little censures,
and all the amazing things I got to do.

I might have asked a lot of questions,
but that’s what got me through tough times and little tensions,
You and I went far on my curiosity.

I’ll always try with all my heart,
and give everything my best shot,
To strive on powered velocity.

You have always been there for me,
our love stretches further than the eye can see,
Though it may not seem like it at times.

All my life you’ve helped me be my best,
you‘ve put my wits and athleticism to the test,
Cause of you , how better and who I can be always climbs.

The author's comments:
It was to my DAD who means alot to me

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