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June 20, 2008
By emma moore, Mount Olive, NC

I rarely hear you speak these days,
Yet I hear you through the walls.
You scream and shout, "I'm suffocating!
These walls, they're closing in.
Another day here, I can't handle,
I'm ready for it all to end."
You look at me, beseechingly,
"Don't you ever feel it too?"
I nod, I understand, you see, I really, truly do
I'm ready, you know, I can just hear him say.
I don't need you anymore.
Yes, you'll be sad, but don't despair,
I'll come home occasionally.
Perhaps I'll even call.
I watch your condescending smile,
Spare a smile of my own.
For while, age wise, you have me beat,
You're far from fully grown.
And I have the strangest feeling that before too long,
You'll have had your fill of that,
You might be ready to come home.
To just for a while pretend to be,
A part of things again.
Just for the weekend you'll be young,
And that independence gone.

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