I miss you

April 19, 2011
By sedonakeenan BRONZE, Santa Cruz, California
sedonakeenan BRONZE, Santa Cruz, California
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I wish you knew
I wish you knew how much I care, how much I think about you
I wish you knew how much I love you

As long as I can hear your voice echo in my mind
As long as I know we are looking at the same stars
And breathing the same air
I know you and I are possible
But I know theirs not as long as we think, as we hope, wish

Missing you isn’t about how long its been since I have heard your voice
Or seen your face
Or watched you smile
I miss you because every time I do that thing we love
You know that thing that makes us laugh
I sit their wishing you were there
You were there right by my side

We aren’t going to be as young as we are tonight
Times not going to stop for you
To stop so you can think
I wish It could, I wish it did, we would have so many
Minuets, Days, Months, Even Years
That I wish I could take back

I would sprinkle the time all over us
We would bathe in the seconds
Dance in the minutes
We would have enough time to just sit their forever
I could watch you smile
I could listen to you laugh

I wish I could scream
Let you know everything im thinking
Everything I want to let you know
But something’s
Something’s ill never say
Because I know you don’t deserve any of it
Any ounce, any word that can hurt you more,
More than you already hurt

I wish I could tell you how I really feel
If only you knew how much I think about you
Just know one thing
Ill always be their for you when you fall
Ill always be their when you need me

I hope you know your never alone
Someone out there loves you more than you ever know
I wish you knew that was me

Sometimes it hurts
Hurts so bad I cry
I wish sometimes you would just leave
Flee from my mind
But don’t go forever because
I think I love you

I miss having you to talk to
What happened
I couldn’t tell you one reason
One thing that made everything crumble
The mountain fell to its feet
Tears from my cheek

Don’t think the butterflies have left
I don’t think they will ever leave
Even with sadness
They fill my body
They love it when the sun is out
When the moon if full
Bring me back the light
Bring me home your smile
They miss my happiness
The glow you give me

I miss you
And I know one thing
Everything will be alright

The author's comments:
I wrote this because i miss you. I wish i could tell you how much I do, I wish you could understand, I wish i could even understand.I wish you could read this.

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