June 19, 2008
By Jocelyn Isais, Highlandvillage, TX

Among the pale faces, soullessly trudging down the hall, one face interjects, stands out from them all.
A gentle, timid face, with freckles imprinted. His posture tall, lanky and somewhat demented.
Unlike the others, so full of hate. He always smiles and believes in a glorious fate.
His clothes have a style. Unfashionable it may seem, wearing a plain T-shirt, branding his favorite basketball team.
His hair, short, wavy and luxuriously grand. the color, the color of the sun kissed sand.
Always helping others with a song in his heart, helping others is his gift, his one special art.
So he helps others, so helpless and grim. But one must wonder…when he breaks down, who will save him?

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