June 19, 2008
By Jocelyn Isais, Highlandvillage, TX

Day after day I sit here, hiding behind this false proceeding.
Posing behind a fake smile, while deep inside…I’m bleeding.
Everyday, it’s a struggle, not to break down and cry.
While others laugh and shout, my heart’s in a tie.
Tangled with these hardships, trapped within depression.
While seated here, giving off this happy impression.
I have to be glad. I have to look the trend,
For if I don’t…I’m pressured by the so called, “comfort from a friend.”
But I won’t let them in, they don’t understand!
The meaningless comfort…I can’t stand!
Is a pat on the back suppose to make my problem erase?
Ugh, I want to scream! Crawl up and hide forever in my own safe place.

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