The Stranger and the Sea

June 19, 2008
The gentle break of the ocean waves
can be heard against the sandy shore.
The frothy foam at the end
of each wave wipes across the sand.
Watching from a rock near the water is a lonely stranger,
Wanting to step upon the beach.

A single foot hits the sandy beach
but is quickly withdrawn before hit by a wet wave.
Why must I be afraid? questions the stranger.
Nothing can happen if the stranger remains on the soft shore.
The ground is made up of nothing but sand.
Who knows, maybe the stranger will enjoy it in the end.

The waves have not stopped, the end
is not near. Both feet slowly reach the beach
and enjoy the beautiful sand.
What an exhilarating feeling when sandy feet are hit by cold waves.
How could I have missed this? the stranger wondered on the shore,
Staring off into the expansive sea, something appears, another unknown stranger.

There is a change in the slight wind, the stranger
stops where she is. Will this be the end?
The waves break a little harder against the shore
and all of a sudden the beach
becomes longer. Water becomes the waves’
friend, wind becomes friends with sand.

The wind grows stronger and stronger, whipping sand
into the stranger’s face. What will become of this stranger?
The waves are terrifying, waves hitting waves.
Will the height of the waves even stop growing, will the ever end?
Up higher and higher the waves hit the beach.
Quickly drenched in seawater is the stranger.

The running stranger
runs away from the beating and blinding sand,
she hopes. It held her hand, the beach,
like a friend, only to become a stranger
once again. Soon she reaches where the beach ends
and continuing to beat against the sand are the waves.

Away from the sea shore walks the stranger.
No longer will sand meet the end
of her feet, nor will the beach be seen with its frothy blue waves.

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