His Poem

June 19, 2008
They messed me up
They should have asked before they cut
I wanted my legs, arm, nose, and ears
But obviously no one cares
Now I ‘m stuck here and can’t do anything
But lie here and listen to these bells ring
Trying to figure out where they’re coming from
While also trying to mimic the tune and hum
Then I remember I don’t have a mouth
My eyes twitch before the tears come out
Why can’t this be another bad dream?
Where Kareen will wake me up and comfort me
Why can’t I just be normal like before?
Where I was a working person but not anymore
Now I’m less than a man
A baby can do more than I can
The worst part is that I can’t kill myself
I don’t know how and I would need help
I can’t hold my breath and I can’t roll over
To suffocate myself and get closure
So I’m stuck not alive or dead just here
I don’t know exactly where here is I just know I’m there
Sometimes I wish I were never born
Never reached this earth to feel this worn
Or that I had died in combat
They could have preserved my body and flown it back
I could reach my father and tell him
Living like this has my soul aching for heaven
Oh God why won’t you spare me the pain
Oh Devil just let me feel your hot, fiery rain
Anything to get me out of this shell
I don’t want to be just let me free
Being this way, I’m losing my sanity
Somebody get the doctor someone who cares
Please God Oh Please Answer My Prayers

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Mz.Incredible said...
Jan. 18, 2009 at 3:14 am
This is really good. I like it.You really explained it well.
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