June 19, 2008
By Iryna Ivasyk BRONZE, San Diego, California
Iryna Ivasyk BRONZE, San Diego, California
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Once upon a time
In a land far away,
There was a girl named Sam,
What more can I say.

Sam was 11,
Her mother had died,
Her father was a drunk
Who was never by her side.

One day in the bay,
There was a pirate ship left ajar,
Sam climbing aboard
Was a bad choice by far.

She climbed up the ladders,
She climbed down the ropes,
She climbed in the cargo
With her dreams and her hopes.

The ship filled with pirates,
The ship filled with men,
Once Sam leaves her home,
She will never come back again.

The pirates were tough,
The pirates were loud,
When leaving the shore,
There was quite a rout.

That very night,
When everything was still,
The pirate called out
“If there’s an intruder, you are to kill!”

When Samantha learned this,
She shivered with fear.
She waved good-bye
To her life so sincere.

When Sam was found,
She had the curiosity to thank,
For that very next morning,
Sam was forced to walk the plank.

Sam was drowning I fear,
Sam was drowning in slaughter,
But, most importantly,
Sam was drowning in water!

Her body did not float,
It sank down low,
Sam gave one last wave,
And her soul was free to go.

Sam’s body danced,
As it settled on the ocean floor,
Sam’s soul so alive,
Sam’s life was no more.

And the sand rose up,
And it danced around.
It danced the sad death song,
And gradually settled down.

Her fathers love she wanted,
If only she had looked around,
If she had opened her eyes,
But now she had drowned.

And that’s how Samantha learned
That every choice makes a change,
It could mean harm or even death,
Choices for consequences you will exchange!

Once upon a time
In a land far away,
There was a girl named Sam,
What more can I say.

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