June 18, 2008
As they walk
Down the aisle of success
Know they've passed
All the final tests

Knowing they're old enough
To start their lives and begin
The career or college of the choosing
This is the final high school win.

He makes them proud
Knowing they made it this far
They're here today
Already reaching for their star

But they always remember
He isn't here to share it
Not because he didn't pass
Rather because his heart couldn't bear it

He never dropped out
He didn't ever fail
Extra Curricular activities
Were his only jail

His best friend is Adam
Elwin, Cheno and the Sisters
They all knew each other forever
And loved through cuts, scrapes and blisters

Off to prom he would have gone
The Saturday after his death
And then to college
But now is his time to rest

He was a rock
We all could lean on
And he would hold our weight
From dusk 'til next light's dawn

He was strong and graceful
A dancer and not quite a man
Everyone loved him
And his Filipino tan

Jealous of his many talents
Or in envy of his fun laugh
Only you couldn't hate him
Even though he's everything you'll never have

Many a person's hero
So many counted on him
Some for him to graduate
And others to take the win

In everything he did
There was nothing but success
His only weakness was his heart
How he loved and loved to the very best

Now remember today
As you walk down in twos
Why he can't stand with you
And has no shiny dress shoes

Yes, Ryan
We all love him so
Yes, Adam
It's impossible to let him go..

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