June 18, 2008
Embraces us all, it is our mortal fate
to travel through life and end up at the gate
The gate to hell or the gate to heaven
No one knows until the reaper tolls your bell

We want to be good, doing good deeds
Wasting our lives on this Earth spreading seeds
Seeds of evil or seeds of good
In the end hoping we did all we could

What waits for us at the end of the race?
Is it knowledge or fortune or another life to waste?
To waste on the Earth of evil and death
Of greed and lust and other sins of wrath

What else is there to say?
Death is coming and there is nothing you can do to keep him at bay
He craves your soul and to repay you for your wrongs
So live your petty lives, for they won't last long

Here he comes, what do you do?
Nothing, for the reaper comes for you
Your time is up, you're going home

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