Gabrielle Sings

April 19, 2011
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Gabrielle is so young.
But she has a boy she’s quite fond of.
She was raised to be independent;
but it appears she does not want to be that way.
Gabrielle waits, but she goes unnoticed.
When her family has gone to sleep, she sings.
Her voice sounds sad and depressed.
She sings of love.
Love that she will never have.

In the morning, she wakes. She wakes.
She smells the fresh blueberry muffins her mother has made.
She goes downstairs, takes bite of the muffin, and tastes the buttery perfection;
and rushes to school.
When she arrives, she sees her smiling boy.

That day. That song. That song flows through her head.
It’s beautiful. She stares.
Waiting, watching, wondering.
Every day. Nothing changes.

Every night she sings herself to sleep.
Waiting, watching, wondering.
Will it ever change?

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