One Red Rose

April 19, 2011
By Anonymous

They are the only ones that belong together. I am the only one feeling unloved. One red rose with a long green stem, and pointy thorns. One rose that belongs in a bunch, but remains alone. One red rose that looks identical to the rest. When you walk through the garden there are many other roses, but you go to the single red rose.

Its beauty is no secret. They have rich red petals, but are covered in thorns. To some, the thorns are dangerous. But to others, it is worth the small prick. Roses need care, and love. They need sunshine to let them grow. Without this, its petals will wilt, and the beauty will disappear.

Without love, its petals will wilt. If it is forgotten, its beauty will fade and may never be found again. Swish, swish, swish, goes the wind through the air. It breathes.

When the rose is too wilted and small to go on, when the rose is alone in the dirt, then I look at the sun. One who grew alone. One rose that is never forgotten, but feels like it is. One who’s only reason is to be loved.

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