June 18, 2008
By Alexandria Columbia, West Babylon, NY

You refuse to cry for my absence
and I always ask the question why
I was always there for you
holding your hand, showing you the way
and I did all that I could for you
but you always turned the other cheek
you put on a class act and only pretended to care
so I wonder what I was to you
Whenever we were apart
I thought of you
and only you
I thought what we had was special
but I guess I was wrong
Without you I felt like a part of me
what made me me was gone
Whenever my heart grieved for you and missed you
you just didn't feel that way.
you always refused to say the words
"I miss you"
which is all I ever wanted from you
You made me who I was
I was never afraid to admit it
but you just didn't care
so I'll cry, bleed, and fight with myself
wondering what I did wrong
and wondering why you don't care and why you never will.
mabye if you were in my place
you'd feel the same way
and you'll ask yourself
"Is someone, anyone, missing me"

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