A Poem for a BOy

April 19, 2011
By Irun4fun BRONZE, Granger, Indiana
Irun4fun BRONZE, Granger, Indiana
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A Poem for a Boy

Who would have ever thought that
Humanity could be so consumed
Over the little things in life.

Who could have ever imagined the
Oblivion at which we stand as a society today.
United, arm in arm, but still self-taken
Lives lost daily, as if it’s trivial. With the
Demands we burden on our weary shoulders,

Have you ever considered to take a step back?
Analyze your surrounding, take in the
Vicinities of the world in which you live in,
Evacuate the stress, hate, and regrets?

Ever will I long for that day, in which
Velocity itself comes to a halt. And I can
Engrave my scarred heart with the beautiful,
Rapid phenomenons of life as we know it.

Though I’m afraid that this day is far off,
Honestly, it may never arrive until we’ve all reached
Obsolescence. A time when it is too late to change and
Unionize as one to embrace this God-given life that was so
Generously laid in the palms of our hands at the time of conception.
Have you ever seriously acknowledged the fact that this
Time we have here on Earth is just that; a simple gift.

Tomorrow we may not be here. You just never know
How much time you have left. So why do we waste time
After time on something meaningless and ludicrous as
That of war, fear, and hate?

I would have never thought that this is where we'd be today. Practically at a
Damnation in which we are so ignorant to, that it has became our

False reality; that everything is okay, and this is the way it should be. But there's
Another murder, another rape, another abusive father.
Look here, there, anywhere. It's everywhere, the abusive, sick, demented,
Lousy excuses for human beings in which we have metamorphosed.

Fabricate our actions as much as you desire, but we are still all at fault.
Our world is such a fragile place, with so many people feeding off its
Resources. Who would have ever thought that those resources would one day run out?

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow; the days are always changing, but one thing for me stays the same.
Open to doubt, it's astonishing to me how much of a hypocrite I can be. It's just
Unbelievable how much horror is going on in the world, and all I care about is you and me.

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