June 18, 2008
I cried a tear in the ocean when i saw you go...
But I knew you'd never show
Even when I stayed up at night,
I never say another light.
I pulled open the bloodshed curtain,
but only darkness shadowed me
Why? i somwthing I must know,
He was everything but he left me all alone.
To face the darkness and move along,
Would've never happened if he hadn't gone
My heart had broken and couldn't be fixed,
No longer blue skies or sunsets amist...
Had to go on for no sleep fell upon
Couln't stay forever, for I'd be lone as mourn weather.
Couldnt take it much longer was gettin less stronger,
The weaker I got the more I sought.
The less he was around, the more i looked upon the ground
Thinking of what it be'd like,to go down without a fight.
I think about it everynight and wonder with all my might.
Too broken to think to stay,
for another day
This tragedy was the fate she chose,
No madder if sewn.
Forgotten she was,
Unknown to everyone....

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