The Wicked Witch

April 18, 2011
By Anonymous

In the town of Salem many witches were seen, some black and some green, but this one was mean. This witch was such a snitch, she lived alone on a hill and loved to kill. She was ugly and demented plus she was bad scented. She was wrinkly and underweight and never had a date, but one day she went on a blind date and the man said what fate! She was lonely and was called the wicked witch of the west so she got depressed. Everyone was scared so they declared to kick her out of town and give her a beat down. She went back mad to her hometown Baghdad and wrote her horrible experience on her notepad.

The author's comments:
A funny poem about a witch. i got the idea when i was in grammar class when we were learning about witches and the false accusations put against them back in the day.

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