April 13, 2011
I am a reflection
A single reflection in that mirror
That girl who stares back is unrecognizable to me
I am a girl
Who still feels a void where you were
Who misses the person who granted the best girl ever given to

I am a face in the crowd
That feels pressure to loose weight
That feels pressure to look perfect
That feels pressure to not be myself

I am strong
Or so I appear
People are afraid of a girl
Whose tears are pained by the silence
As I cry myself to sleep

I am a cloud
One that’s being chased in the sky
Who dances in the wind
And smiles in the sun

I am the music
That breathe of fresh air
That warmth in the middle of the day
The one that fills you ears and makes you tear

I am from the city
Or at least I am at heart
I still paint the skies with my thought
About how I should have been there from the start
I am accepted
But never in these halls
They lock me in, never to let me out
To remind me everyday of my faults

I am the winter
That fell into spring
Who folded to summer
Which bronzed the fall
The seasons change.

I am change
Or at least I am trying to be
It’s pretty hard even though
It’s just my guitar and me

I am a free spirit
Who lets myself roam with an open mind
To see a greater picture
With no judgment in my eye

I am a sister
A younger one at that
Who misses my sister in college
Please come back.

I am an airplane
Who just wants to fly
Never wants to touch the ground
And just wants to get lost in fligh

I was a child
With innocents in my eyes
With a heart of purity
And who know of no wrong

I try to love
Love everything and everyone
Love with heart of a sunrise
And love with the dependency sunset

I am 14
Whose thoughts are way be on my age
Who knows way more than a 14 year old should
Who longs to run with the silence that brushes on my face

I feared
Feared of judgment
Feared of loss
Fears of going back to my old ways

I was a reflection
The girl in the mirror has escaped
The girl in the mirror is no longer there
The girl in the mirror is able to be who she is
And not someone who another wants her to be
I used to be a reflection
Until I realize the only thing possible
Was to be me.

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