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April 13, 2011
By xomathgeek96xo BRONZE, Suffern, New York
xomathgeek96xo BRONZE, Suffern, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"life sucks"

I am a bowl of cereal; many different qualities intertwining to create a great outcome.
A humorous, optimistic, bright and sometimes rambunctious girl,
I am filled with dreams and desires,
Wanting to change the world one day at a time.

I am a nervous and excited kindergartner;
Whose favorite time of day was always lunch.
I am the anxious and excited middle schooler;
Who thinks the world revolves around them.
I am the Know it all high schooler;
Who loves being around friends and family.

I am my family’s old townhouse;
Filled with pre-school toys and memories.
I am my nanas front yard,
Filled with plants, and welcome signs.
I am always observing.

Cheryl, George, Jared, Lucille, Herb, Miriam, Morris,
Eric, Barbara, Stan, Rachel, and Jonathan
I am the Epstein and Wexler family,
A small family but close as well.
I am a sister, daughter, and friend;
Who learns from my mistakes,
And is always learning

I am a girl with not a care in the world, giggling and gossiping with my friends.
Zoe, Rachel, Sami, Sydney, Jessie, Nicole, and Halle;
I am the arguments and laughs that make our friendship strong.
Filling each day with silliness, and smiles,
I am one of these ambitious seven girls, who can and will change the world.

I am the obsession with nail polish and shopping.
I am also the makeovers,
Dance parties, pillow fights
Gossip sessions, and movie nights
With my best friends.
I am always there for a friend.

I am the Shabbat and holiday diners,
Cutting the chalah, lighting the menorah, and spinning the driedal,
I am the delicious Jewish food, and the boring two hour long services.
I am my mother’s daughter,
eating chicken and steak, for the third night in a row.
I am always hearing, “if you don’t like what I’m making
Then you can cook yourself, and “call me when you get there”.
I am continuously answering these sayings, and
I mean it with love.

I am the “don’t forget to put sun tan lotion on, and
Be carfuls” of my summer pasts.
I am the bronze tan and the copper burn from
Laying by the pool
I am the dives, jumps, and splashes in my
Friend’s swimming pool.
I am a girl that just wants to have fun.

I am always smiling and laughing.
I am my past and my future.
I am a believer in everything happens for a reason.
I am living my life to the fullest.

I am funny, and creative.
I am loved and loveable.
I am me myself and I.

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