Who Am I?

April 13, 2011
By Brandon Ferris BRONZE, Suffern, New York
Brandon Ferris BRONZE, Suffern, New York
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I am a New Yorker.
Born in Suffern,
the athletic face in the family.

I am a light bulb.
Full of energy and light.
I help people with their needs.

I am an older brother.
Who was born in Good Sam Hospital on
July 10th, in 1996.
Now, a child no more.

I am the lover of mashed potatoes,
homemade for the holidays.
On the side, meatballs and rice.
All of us eating in the dining hall.

I am a vacation.
Traveling to any place.
Going to restaurants, hotels, arcades.
Finishing it all off with a great amusement park.

I am my room;
filled with fun things,
including my PS3.
There is most likely where I’ll be.

I am my computer.
It’s saved with information for school.
Tons of games played;
yet filled with humorous videos.

I am my grandma,
who makes the best chocolate chip cookies.
She’s nice and caring.
The best one ever.

I am the son of my parents.
A very successful one.
Responsible and fun to be with.
I am enjoyable.

I am my face.
Covered in blond hair,
filled with blue eyes, and
shown with a big smile.

I am never wrong.
But I am always headstrong.
A confident person.

I am my bed.
With a comfortable pillow at the end,
covered up with blankets to keep me warm,
a blue sheet over it.

I am the comedy TV shows,
watched on late Sunday nights,
inappropriate for little kids.
But funny to teens.

I am Suffern,
the town I live in.
Where my schools are located;
a great place.

I am my mom.
She’s a teacher in New Jersey.
Someone who helps me with my homework,
takes me where I need to be.

I am my dad,
a salesman now.
Who watches sports with me.
Who takes me to my games.

I am tennis,
a sport I love to play.
Born naturally good at it.
Nothing gets in its way.

I am a move theater,
where stories take place.
Some are action, horror or funny,
but, the best part is the popcorn.

I am a pool,
filled with clean water.
A diving board over it.
Where I swim and have fun in the summer.

I am my cell phone.
Text messages and calls saved into the memory.
An overused keypad,
always on, never off.

I am my school grades.
Straight A’s and B’s.
Trying to make the honor roll.
Trying to be a good student,
For college.

I am optimistic and adventuress.
Trying to overcome any obstacle,
that comes my way.
Having high hopes on things.
A good outlook.

I am myself,
a hard worker.
An athlete.
A good person.

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