I Am Myself

April 13, 2011
By , Airmont, NY
I am a smiling face,
Bringing humor to every situation
I am the person my family made me.
I am the love that they gave.

I am a new face to Suffern High,
Still learning the mysteries and wonders of this new school.
I am a fresh mind ready to learn.
I am trying to make a future for myself

I am insignificant to this big world, hoping to make a difference, but always remembering the small things,
Like the warm hot chocolate my grandma always seems to have.
The rules to follow,
My papa always reminds me of.

I am Bens older brother,
I am a older cousin to many.
I am not used to being a younger cousin,
But it is nice not having all the responsibility.

I am in my place of relaxation,
My room.
I am where I can be safe from the darkness and dangers outside,
My house where I grew up in.

I am globs of gooey cheese,
Falling off the warm, right out of the brick oven, pizza
I am a lover of Guacamole with chips.
I am a lover of all food.

I am the little boy, who was always energetic
Who used to go to bed at 8 o clock,
Complaining I wasn’t tired.
I am the boy that ran around tirelessly outside, until I almost passed out.

I am growing up fast,
Not a little kid anymore.
Watching out for my brother, making sure he doesn’t make the wrong decisions,
Because he shouldn’t have to make the same mistakes I did.

I am the one who has to hear my parents tell me all the time,
“Clean up your room”, or, “When I was a kid…”
Always reminding me that they had it worse,
they do it because they love me.

I am summer,
The long warm nights, staying out late.
Making memories for myself, for me to remember, until the end of time.
I am the freezing cold winter nights curled up underneath all the covers,
Waiting for spring to show itself and warm me up!

I am the past; I will be the future,
And I am living in the present.
I am a brother and a son,
hoping every day that I can live up to my expectations

I am who I make myself to be,
Who I want to be.
I am always wondering or laughing,
I am myself and no one can tell me otherwise.

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