Those Who Know Me

April 4, 2011
By , Richardson, TX
It's easier when they don't know me well,
To make them think I never fell,

To hide the way my heart it aches,
To convince them with a smile that's fake...

To hold my head up strong and high,
These people never ask me why,

There is always a glint within my smile,
A sparkle that lives on in denial

To dance around upon my toes,
Within the safety that no one knows,

Who I really am these days,
And how Ive changed in so many ways.

The ways I smile, but cry inside,
the ways I tell but manage to hide,

the lies I told to get away,
From the pain that chokes me today...

Said I was fine, that it was best...
But I just cant get this off my chest.

the words come out through all the tears,
the pain has followed me for years,

I have never been enough,
But I've learned to be so tough,

Taking care to hide the pain,
To pretend I'm happy in the rain,

But these people don't see how far I fell...
these people have never known me well.

Those who know me would easily,
See the brokenness that is me.

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