Sturdy Branches of You

June 18, 2008
By Eliza Rooney, Louisburg, KS

I know the smell of your presence; your scent lingers like fog of much exasperation. It is husky and potent, but soothing and comforting.

Your hands are rough and immense, yet you work with such grace. They have a nice wave, which makes me blissful.

Your voice is low, but booming as thunder, but can also be delicate. It is but sweet and serene like a calming ocean.

Your breathing is steady and soft and your heart pounds hard against your ribs when I laid my head on your chest as a young child.

You are very strong and capable of immensely arduous tasks. Whatever we ask of you, you accomplish it with much confidence and greatness.

You come to me when I need you. When I need a broad shoulder to cry on to cover my whole face, you are there. You help me with all the fatheaded boys, which I need not.

You give me lectures of course, but if you were silent you wouldn’t be much of a dad would you? I’d keep making the same countless mistakes over and over again…

You started as a fresh sapling, just like me, and grew into a fine, big oak with many branches from the roads and paths you have chosen.

Some are but your own, while others you received with succor. Some branches are knobby and insecure, while others are immense and prosperous.

The things that you taught me to believe in, achieve, and all the advice you have given me has made me have more sturdy branches, just like you- I Love You Dad- remember that always.

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