June 18, 2008
You will always smell of home
It will always linger in my bones
My feelings and eyes are blurry
For you I can do nothing but worry
As you kiss her porcelain skin
My love for you continues to be a mortal sin
I cringe at the soft embrace
I covet your fearless grace
For she is once where I stood
My love for you will always be misunderstood
I watch you from afar
You gave my heart a permanent scar
She is wrapped up in you
I am wrapped up in who?
You're far away from me
I can no longer say we
I clutch to the past
It will always be unsurpassed
She holds the key to the present
This is no more than a lover's lament
You filled your heart with hatred for me
It is clear for everyone, including me, to see
Red to Black. Warm to Cold
The story begins to unfold
Spring rolls in with regret
With desires never met
Our love was rough
But it was enough
Now it is forever lost

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