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April 17, 2011
By C.Sterner SILVER, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
C.Sterner SILVER, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
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I will Love you until the Moon and Stars fall from the Lord's Heavens, Always and Forever.

What is it you’re missing?
How blind do you think I am
Whos that girl you’ve been kissing?
It wasn’t me cause I know your feelings are a scam

You like the game and love the chase
Theres one thing you cant see
Once you’re gone someone else will have your place
And you wont be the one wooing and loving me

You don’t seem to understand
I don’t want you anymore my dear
If you want or need to hold a hand
I wont be near and your pain I refuse to hear

A friend you will remain
Your voice is no longer a way to calm me
Now I’m back to normal before in my life you came
And you I no longer wish to see

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