Your lies...My Black Tears

April 16, 2011
By C.Sterner SILVER, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
C.Sterner SILVER, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
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I will Love you until the Moon and Stars fall from the Lord's Heavens, Always and Forever.

Tears, crying out, pain is what I feel
It’s not my own that I feel though
I can hear your tears; feel your pain so I know it’s real
And the release from your pain will you should know

Take my hand and I will soothe you
I’ll kiss your tears away, silence your pries and breathe your pain into myself
Now…the tears will be very few
But though I now have your pain, I won’t shed a tear myself

Close your eyes my dear and sleep
As you lay your head down to sleep, I will remain awake
To keep the demons away from you; your pain in me going down deep
Realizing you wouldn’t have done the same, I began to break

Slowly I look down, hanging my head
My wings unfold gently from my back, drooping to the floor
Unaware of me, you continue sleeping not moving on the bed
Knowing to you, I mean nothing, I will take your pain away no more

I lift my head looking at your sleeping face
Staring at you, I lift my hand to my wet eyes
The black liquid from them are out of place
I realize my tears are black cause of your lies

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