June 18, 2008
By Alyssa Smith, Hamilton, TX

Scribble uneven hearts
With black colored pencils.
Engrave them,
And later,
Rip the hearts into
Tiny, uneven
With your claw-like nails
And pray he forgives you.

Something's wrong.
Even the rocks, holding their breath,
Can tell.
If all the world's a stage,
You just fell;
Forgot your lines.
He won't forgive you
Until you whisper sorry
Into the broken-hearts paper.

But you're too proud for that.
Artists protect their artwork
And pride is your masterpiece,
Painted with hard work and strength
Across a field of red grass -
You were out of green
And wouldn't ask to borrow anyone else's.
He won't forgive you.
You won't say sorry.

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