His Love Is A Beautiful Thing

June 17, 2008
By dani.elise BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
dani.elise BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
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Fear is not love
Neither is heartbreak
Or mistrust,or shame
Or lies, or regret
Or anxiety, or guilt.

Love isn't sneaking around.
Its not dark corners
Or under the bleachers
Or with the lights turned off and doors locked.

Love is open.
It is full of laughter.
It is truth. It is whole.
Love will wait.

Love is honest.
Love doesn't come and go with the wind...
I don't care what anybody told you
That is not love

Love is all season.
Love is strong.
Love is respect.

Love can look you in the eyes
And not feel guilty, dirty, or ashamed
Love is not unsure.

So if you're back there
behind the curtain
under the covers
in the back seat...

What are you hiding from in that darkness you seek?
Ask yourself. That is not love

Love wouldn't ask you to lie...or make you want to hide
and cover yourself when you fear being discovered..
Love has no shame. nor does it bring shame.

So what is love?
God is love.
And Love.Never.Fails.

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