Swelling with Pain

June 17, 2008
Alone in a room only to be surrounded by these four unfinished walls. No sound but the passing of speeding cars. Breathing heavily in a blank stare. Racing thoughts like scrambled eggs.

Uncontrollable shakes accompanied by sweaty palms and feet as cold as ice. Ears ringing and jaw locked ever so tight. Mouth watering but still unbelievably dry.

Luminous yet so very dark. Another prolonged night of tossing and turning with nightmares lurking in the shadows. Mind and body swelling with pain. Now comes time to suffocate all of my sorrows.

Heart pounding as the flow of clear liquid burns on its way down. So, intense, a mixed rainbow of prescription pills. As the blood floods from your veins you can feel your body becoming numb and lifeless. And, you pray to god you will prove once and for all to have been successful.

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