Romeo and Juliet

June 17, 2008
By Breanna Rhodes, Westlake, OH

Born as enemies,
Die as lovers,
Juliet’s his paramour,
But undercover.
They became married,
Shortly after their eyes met,
Never once did they think,
That this is something they would regret.
He disembarked on a party,
In which he wasn’t invited,
The Capulet’s’ were celebrating,
When the Montague’s collided.
It was love at first sight,
When Romeo set eyes on Juliet,
Tybalt was an interference,
Because of their debt.
Lord Capulet thought nothing of it,
He didn’t want to fight,
Tybalt still had a problem,
But held it in tight.
Romeo dances to Juliet,
He steps with much grace,
Palm and palm,
This ends the chase.
They dance only for a second,
But Juliet knew that’s all it took,
Before she would forget about Paris,
On Romeo she was hooked.
That evening while Juliet was having a soliloquy,
Romeo appears under her balcony.
She speaks of Romeo in a romantic tongue,
And Romeo listens with silent gums.
Secretly he follows as she ponders aloud,
Naively she speaks with Romeo on the ground.
Abruptly Romeo speaks up,
A talk of alacrity,
Romeo confesses his love,
She loved him too intensively.
He swore on the moon,
Although it was not consistent,
She said it was not aplomb,
It was not consistent.
Then he asks what shall I swear by,
Nothing she says, but I wanna be your alibi.
Swear by yourself,
Then I’ll know you’re true,
I’ll wait here by myself,
We’ll marry soon.
Romeo goes to the friar,
He asks if he could wed Juliet,
For its his desire.
The friar agreed,
He thought it’d end the feud,
He thought he was doing a deed.
Tybalt and Romeo become cousins,
In the streets they duel,
For Tybalt was fussing.
Romeo wins and Tybalt is dead,
Juliet weeps for Romeo is banished.
Romeo mine as well be dead,
For his life is with Juliet,
And her letter he never read.
He over heard she died,
And so the tomb he invades,
And there he cried.
He thought it was true when she was really only sleeping,
He took the poison as it was reaping.
A half an hour later Juliet awakes,
To see the friar and he dead lovers face.
She takes his dagger and thrusts into her chest,
And she knew it was for the best.
In the end the friar was right,
The marriage did end the feud,
They discovered that night.
Their dignity was put to rest,

As the dagger and the poison lie in their chest.

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on Jun. 15 2011 at 5:35 pm
Tink1350 BRONZE, Medford, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"Worries are like weights and weights keep you down, so let go of your worries and fly,"

That was really good. Keep it up.


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