I hate feeling this way about you part 2

April 16, 2011
By GuitarPlayer14 BRONZE, Missouri City, Texas
GuitarPlayer14 BRONZE, Missouri City, Texas
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So, you're talking to me now?
Like I'm going to forgive you?
Like I'm gonna go back
and forget the things that you do?

Like I'm going to start liking you again?
Just 'cause you're talking to me?
Well, that's not the way it works
Even if it does makes me happy.

I thought you were ignoring me
I thought you wanted me to go
I thought I was nothing at all to you
and you just wanted me to know. 

I love how you give me mixed signals
Do you like it when I'm confused?
'Cause when I'm confused about being confused,
I don't have to think about you.

That's when I felt confused.
You got online and talked to me.
In a few short messages, I was happy but, then you had to leave.

I was empty inside.
I felt like I would fall.
Like I would go in my room
and cry and bawl

But, I like this feeling.
Do I not or do I really?
I hate the way I feel about you
It makes me feel silly.

It's hard to talk to you
But easy when I'm down
'Cause that's when you feel needed most and to pull me off the ground.

You think I need you?
You really want to know?
I would be so better off
if I just let you go.

But, I can't.
Unfortunately I am unable to do it.
I can't let go the person  I care about.
I fell hard and I even knew it.

But, why can't I let you go?
Is it something in my heart or brain?
Something tells me it was my heart 'cause I feel so much pain.

I really need to do is.
I am going crazy at the thought.
But, I have to say, "No!" to all your lies and the ones I have recently bought.

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